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CU PolicyPro

CU PolicyPro is an online system with more than 200 detailed model policies to help your credit unions manage today’s ongoing compliance and operational challenges. Together with InfoSight, your credit unions will now have a comprehensive suite of policies and regulatory compliance guidance written especially for credit unions by legal and financial experts at their disposal.

CU PolicyPro Features

Greatly increase the value of your league membership while providing your credit unions with these benefits:

CU PolicyPro chapters include:
  • Administrative
  • Operations
  • Accounting
  • Security
  • Asset/Liability Management
  • Investments
  • Lending
  • Other Real Estate Owned
  • Federal Regulations
  • Records Retention
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act
If you’re not sure if CU PolicyPro is right for you, there are experts available to help find the best solution for your league.

Contact League InfoSight for a quote.
*Please note that at this time CU PolicyPro is only available to credit unions associated with their state league.