CU PolicyPro News

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CU PolicyPro Support

Welcome to the CU PolicyPro Support Site.  Here you will find all the tools you need to learn how to use CU PolicyPro, information to help keep your policies current and find out the latest CU PolicyPro news. 

Getting Started

Here are few tools/resources we have to help you learn to use your new manual.

  1. Quick Start Guide. Ready, Set, Go! The very basics.
  2. New User Video Training – the latest New User session was recorded and is available as on-demand video series for you to watch at your convenience.
  3. User’s Guide – this is a printed guide with full instructions for working with the system.
  4. Frequently Asked Questions – A list of common questions and answers, including links to video tutorials and printable how-to materials.
  5. Alphabetical Policy Listing – Use this listing to help you find a particular policy.
  6. Table of Contents -  A full list of the policies in CU PolicyPro.

Contact Support

We are here to help!  Feel free to contact the support team with any questions regarding CU PolicyPro content or how to use the editing features and other tools in CU PolicyPro.