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CU PolicyPro New User Training

Welcome to CU PolicyPro Online Training!  These video segments are a recorded version of new user training.  You can watch each segment sequentially for a full training, or pick and choose the segments that interest you.

Please note: The training videos playback system is currently not compatible with mobile phones or tablet devices. 

To view any of these recordings:

  1. Click the link for the segment you wish to view. 
  2. You may be asked to download a small plug in to view the recording.
  3. When viewing the video, you can double click the video image for a larger view of the presentation.

 Segment 1 - General Intro and Overview, Manual Builder, Adding Model Policies 
(11 minutes)

Segment 2 - Add Unique Policies, Basic Editing, Finding a Specific Policy 
(11 minutes)

Segment 3 - Paste from Word and Formatting Numbered Lists
(16 minutes)

Segment 4 - Editor Notes and Key Fields
(7 minutes)

Segment 5 - Deleting Policies and the Multi-Key Field Update
(6 minutes)

Segment 6 - The Publishing Process  

(22 minutes)

Segment 7 - The Archive 
(5 minutes)

Segment 8 - Library and Storage
(5 minutes)

Segment 9 - Administration
(9 minutes)