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Check Deposit Notice Generator (CDNG) Product Tour

CDNG is an online solution that allows your credit union to evaluate any check offered for deposit and generate a beneficial but effective hold, collection, warning or decline notice to provide to the member to prevent a loss on that check. The CDNG not only provides a comprehensive objective notice solution that consistently addresses all potential check deposit losses, but also provides your credit union’s employees with a comprehensive research and training resource that will assist your credit union in immediately demonstrating that all its actions on checks offered for deposit are extremely beneficial to both the member and the credit union alike!

Account Insurance Estimator (AIE) Product Tour

AIE is an online solution (provided through InfoSight) that allows your credit union to estimate the maximum federal insurance (NCUSIF) coverage of funds in any member’s account(s) for the ten most popular types of coverage, and generate a customized estimate and estimate form to provide to the member to reinforce the value of your credit union. Not only is the AIE a “service excellence” and “employee training” solution, the AIE will also allow your credit union to promote itself and all its important products and services to members and potential members instantly!

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