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ComplySight Newsletter

A Web-Based Compliance Management and Tracking Solution
May 2017
Vol. 4, No. 3

In this Issue:

Introduction: File Manager!

ComplySight Webinar Schedule

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Closing Comments from Glory

Introduction !


File Manager is HERE!!

In our last newsletter, we told you that one of our biggest enhancements – File Manager – would be released at the end of last month. We only missed it by a couple of days, but we wanted to be sure it was absolutely perfect for you! Questions you may ask:

So….what IS it, and why would I want to use it?

File Manager is something many of our users have requested: A way to upload documents – either one at a time or in bulk – and have the ability to assign (“Associate”) them to the various content areas: an Area, Item, AND/OR Factor! Prior to using Manager, the documents could only be uploaded one at a time into the Factor, Examiner/Audit Finding or the Action Item, or had to be uploaded multiple times if the document applied to one or more Factors/Action Items/Findings. Now, you have an option to upload all of the documents you believe you will need for your compliance review ONE time and then connect – or “Associate” - them to wherever you need them. AND – when you’re doing your Factor Grading and realize you may need to upload a document, you can still upload it there and it will automatically be placed in File Manager for use elsewhere if needed! Cool, huh?

Who gets to do this at my credit union?

All L1 – L3 users can access File Manager, from the new menu item on the left side of the ComplySight dashboard:

ComplySight File Manager

L4 users will not have this option on their menu, because this level is “read only” and they wouldn’t have the need to upload or manage files. They will, however, be able to see documents that have been uploaded depending on what screen is being viewed. Typically, the L2, L2.5 and L3 users will use this function the most, because they are more likely to need to upload documents and link them to Areas/Items/Factors. It’s important to note that for these levels, only the one who uploaded files will be able to do anything with them in ComplySight.

The L1 user will have additional functionality to upload documents and add subfolders, but will not be able to Associate files.

There will also be a new Permission Level of “File Manager,” (FM) which will grant universal access to all Files and Folders, including the ability to create subfolders and should only be assigned to one or two users who are responsible for organizing the file structure in ComplySight.

What does it look like?

Below is an example of the new File Manager screen for the L1 user, showing folders on the left under Client Files, and individual documents/files on the right. Anything with a checkbox showing is something that only the user who uploaded the file can take action on. Only the L1 user and those users with File Manager rights are able to add Subfolders.

ComplySight File Manager

For the L2 user without “File Manager” (FM) access, File Manager will appear like this:

ComplySight File Manager

What happened to everything I had uploaded before File Manager went “live?”

Good question! All of the files that were previously uploaded were put into File Manager! You will want to make sure they are all where you expect them to be, and you should see something like this, showing the original date:

ComplySight File Manager

What about Reports - did anything change there?

Yes! The Uploaded Documents Report has been renamed to “Associated Documents Report,” and contains several drop-downs at the top to filter your results. Like many of the others, it can be downloaded into Excel or shown as a PDF:

ComplySight File Manager

How the heck will I remember all of this?

A training video has been prepared to walk you through the concept and the steps, and show you what happens at each access level. We think you’ll catch on pretty quickly to this new enhancement.



Webinar Schedule

To view a Recorded webinar, click on the title of the webinar.

Webinar Schedule

RECORDED WEBINARS - Click on the title of the webinar to listen. (A “safe” download of WebEx may be necessary.) These are available 24/7!

The current recorded webinars provide you with a variety of topics that will get you started on your ComplySight adventure!  We plan to record additional “how to webinars” to make them available to you in the near future!


File Manager

Introducing the newest enhancement to ComplySight that is a central repository to manage all uploaded documents within ComplySight. File owners now have the ability to upload documents in bulk and assign them to multiple Areas, Items and/Factors as needed.

Factor Selection Navigation Screens

To simplify the ability to access Factor Grading screens and Item information, the Factor Selection screens have been redesigned. Check out this short webinar for details!

Access Level 2.5 and How to Use It

Introducing the newest access level, allowing the L1 Administrator to set L2.5 access and then assign specific Areas that only that user may review.

Introduction to ComplySight
Designed to introduce and show the many features and benefits of ComplySight.

Training & Tips – Where to Start?
This webinar will: suggest a starting point as a new ComplySight user, discuss how Factor Grading works, review the Action Item Build/Edit process, and discuss the need for a compliance management tool that regulators - and you - will appreciate.

Training & Tips – How to Export Data
When you need to archive or copy data out of ComplySight for a fresh start or to provide information for a Board meeting, this webinar will explain the process.

Training & Tips – Reg Alerts, Etc.
This webinar explains Regulatory Alerts, Factor Weighting, Assigning Employees, and gives a quick preview of Level 2.5.

Training & Tips – Reports
What reports are in ComplySight and how are they utilized?

Contact Us


Technical questions (software operation issues) can be submitted through the Technical Support form in ComplySight

Compliance related questions can be submitted through the Compliance Questions form in ComplySight.

For other questions: click here


Closing Comments from Glory


We hope that you are all as excited about the new File Manager enhancement as we are! How awesome will it be to bulk upload documents and assign them to Areas, Items and/or Factors in one spot?!

I’ve mentioned before that our next big enhancement to ComplySight is going to be the addition of a Compliant Management feature (although we are going to call it “Concern Management”). Our original thought was to utilize the existing Areas within ComplySight in order to classify the concerns that come in to the credit union, but after conducting further research and receiving some feedback from a few credit unions, we have decided to utilize the following categories to store credit union “concerns:”

        • Account Issues
        • Credit Reporting
        • Debt Collection
        • Facilities
        • Lending
        • Member/Consumer Service Issues
        • Services
        • Other

Credit unions will then have the capacity to create their own subcategories under each of these main categories. The system will allow for reporting to identify trends associated with a particular category, branch or location.

We are interested in hearing from credit unions on features they would like to see in this enhancement. Make sure to send us your thoughts at

Thank you again for all your support and helping to make ComplySight the BEST tool on the market!




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Check with your League/Association for information regarding availability in your state.