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A Web-Based Compliance Management and Tracking Solution
August 2017
Vol. 4, No. 5

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Closing Comments from Glory


Your Feedback is Needed!

It’s “strategic planning” time of year and we are once again asking for your assistance by completing a short survey on our League InfoSight products. All survey results are reviewed and incorporated into the planning process, so your participation is very important to help us prioritize and determine future system enhancements and development!

Please spend a few minutes helping us learn how we can better help you!

Thank you for your support!


Area/Item Highlight

Area/Item Highlight: Mortgage Servicing Rule

As we have mentioned in the past, we do not update content in ComplySight until the actual effective date of the regulation, unless compliance is permitted earlier (for example, the Military Lending Act). However, when possible, we said that we would share the anticipated revisions and revised content ahead of the effective date within our newsletter so that credit unions have an additional resource to utilize to achieve compliance in time for the effective date!

Drumroll please……….click here to review the anticipated revisions we will make in ComplySight for the Mortgage Servicing Rules!

The following factors are those anticipated to be revised:

  • Covered Transactions
  • Policy, Procedure and Requirements
  • Servicing File
  • Periodic Statements
  • Coupon Books
  • Modified Periodic Statements and Coupon Books (Bankruptcy) (4/2018)
  • Interest Rate Adjustment Notices
  • Prompt Payment Crediting
  • Payoff Statements
  • Delinquent Loan Accounts
  • Loss Mitigation
  • Information not in the Borrower’s Control (10/2017)
  • Foreclosure
  • Forced Placed Insurance
  • Error Resolution & Information Requests
  • Record Retention
  • Mortgage Servicing Transfer Notice
  • Escrow Closing Notice
  • Successor in Interest – Written Request (4/2018)

Webinar Schedule

To view a Recorded webinar, click on the title of the webinar.

Webinar Schedule

RECORDED WEBINARS - Click on the title of the webinar to listen. (A “safe” download of WebEx may be necessary.) These are available 24/7!

The existing recorded webinars provide you with a variety of topics that will get you started on your ComplySight adventure. New ones are added as needed, to share new enhancements.

File Manager

Introducing the newest enhancement to ComplySight that is a central repository to manage all uploaded documents within ComplySight. File owners now have the ability to upload documents in bulk and assign them to multiple Areas, Items and/Factors as needed.

Factor Selection Navigation Screens

To simplify the ability to access Factor Grading screens and Item information, the Factor Selection screens have been redesigned. Check out this short webinar for details!

Access Level 2.5 and How to Use It

Introducing the newest access level, allowing the L1 Administrator to set L2.5 access and then assign specific Areas that only that user may review.

Introduction to ComplySight
Designed to introduce and show the many features and benefits of ComplySight.

Training & Tips – Where to Start?
This webinar will: suggest a starting point as a new ComplySight user, discuss how Factor Grading works, review the Action Item Build/Edit process, and discuss the need for a compliance management tool that regulators - and you - will appreciate.

Training & Tips – How to Export Data
When you need to archive or copy data out of ComplySight for a fresh start or to provide information for a Board meeting, this webinar will explain the process.

Training & Tips – Reg Alerts, Etc.
This webinar explains Regulatory Alerts, Factor Weighting, Assigning Employees, and gives a quick preview of Level 2.5.

Training & Tips – Reports
What reports are in ComplySight and how are they utilized?

Contact Us

Technical questions (software operation issues) can be submitted through the Technical Support form in ComplySight

Compliance related questions can be submitted through the Compliance Questions form in ComplySight.

For other questions: click here

Closing Comments from Glory

The Complaint Management System component of ComplySight is almost ready! Remember, this new enhancement will be available for all of our existing users at no additional cost! Be on the lookout for more information on our “go live” date. We will also plan to have new training materials for your credit union to utilize!

Also, we’ve talked in previous newsletters about the FFIEC’s changes to the Consumer Compliance Rating System. How has your credit union’s examination been impacted by these revisions? Is there a new focus on consumer compliance? Are examiners asking about your compliance management system? We would love to hear from you!

Thanks again for all of your support and feedback!



ComplySight is a product of League InfoSight, CUNA and your State Association or League.

Check with your League/Association for information regarding availability in your state.