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A Web-Based Compliance Management and Tracking Solution
September 2017
Vol. 4, No. 6

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Complaint Management System Overview

Complaint Management System Training Resources

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Closing Comments from Glory


The Complaint Management System is HERE!

As we have announced for the past couple of months we have been working to add the ability to track and manage complaints within ComplySight.

Per the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB): “An effective compliance management system should ensure that the credit union is responsive and responsible in handling consumer complaints and inquiries. Intelligence is gathered from consumer contacts and should be organized, retained, and used as part of a credit union’s compliance management system.”

To keep in line with our mission to provide best-in-class, cost-effective products to credit unions, this enhancement is now available at no additional cost!

See the information below to begin utilizing the Complaint Management System within your own ComplySight implementation!

Complaint Management System Overview

Complaint Management System Overview

The Complaint Management System allows credit unions to enter, track, assign, resolve and report on member and non-member complaints that are submitted to the credit union.

Once Complaints are created and assigned to a user, email notifications will let the employee assigned (and the employee who made the assignment) know that the assignment has been made. Emails will also notify if a Complaint due date is overdue, if updates or additional information have been added to a Complaint, or if the status of the Complaint has changed.

Comments and files can be added to Complaints to document the situation and any communications between the credit union and the person lodging the complaint. There is an area to document corrective actions, if any are needed, and comments and documentation can also be added if any additional information arises after the Complaint has been closed.

Reporting is available to provide an overview of the complaints.

To watch a short video overview of the system, visit the ComplySight Training Webinars page on our website!

Complaint Management System Training Resources

Complaint Management System Training Resources

We are excited to make available recorded webinars to help you get the most out of the new Complaint Management System.

The training is broken into short segments, so you can view them as time allows and re-watch specific segments if you need a refresher. Visit the ComplySight Training Webinars page on our website to see the Complaint Management System training videos, as well as our full suite of ComplySight training materials.

The ComplySight training webinars are available at any time, and registration is not required. If you prefer written instructions, a printable Complaint Management System User's Guide is also available on our website.

Here's a listing of the Complaint Management System training videos that are available:

  • Setting up Users
    Setting up users for the Complaint Management System
  • Creating a Complaint
    How to create and assign a new Complaint and a description of all of the fields in the Complaint form.
  • Managing Complaints
    How to find, review, edit, close and delete an existing Complaint.
  • Managing Sub Categories, Member/Non-Members, and Branches
    How to create, edit, and delete Sub Categories, Member/Non-Members, and Branch locations in the Complaint Management System.
  • Reports
    An overview of the Complaint report, including filtering and export options.


Contact Us

Technical questions (software operation issues) can be submitted through the Technical Support form in ComplySight

Compliance related questions can be submitted through the Compliance Questions form in ComplySight.

For other questions: click here

Closing Comments from Glory

The Complaint Management System is here! We are so happy to provide this new enhancement to ComplySight to further strengthen your Compliance Management System!

Please take advantage of the training videos and documentation to help you jump right in and start documenting and managing any Complaints.

We would love to hear your feedback on the Complaint Management System so please feel free to reach out to me or our team at

Even as we celebrate this new release, our team is busy planning and preparing for the next set of enhancements! Stay tuned!



ComplySight is a product of League InfoSight, CUNA and your State Association or League.

Check with your League/Association for information regarding availability in your state.