CU PolicyPro Features

CU PolicyPro includes a modern and easy-to-navigate design to help all users easily find, view and print both model policies and the credit union’s own customized policies. System admins and policy editors now have a whole new toolbox to create, maintain and distribute policies, assign and track policy updates and reviews, upload and share additional documents, view and confirm relevant model policy updates, and manage user access to the policy level. If you are a current CU PolicyPro client, click here!!!

Model Policies

CU PolicyPro® includes more than 230 detailed model policies that can help your credit union manage today’s ongoing compliance and operational challenges. Developed and written especially for credit unions by legal and financial regulatory experts, CU PolicyPro is designed to be compliant with applicable regulations.

CU PolicyPro chapters include:

  • Administrative
  • Operations
  • Accounting
  • Security
  • Asset/Liability Management
  • Investments
  • Lending
  • Other Real Estate Owned
  • Federal Regulations
  • Records Retention
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act

Policy Management

Because your credit union is unique, CU PolicyPro not only includes the model policy content, but a full policy management system that lets you customize any model policy to fit your credit union’s individual operations.  The policy management tools are robust yet easy to use, allowing easy maintenance of policies all in one place. Your existing polices can also be added to and maintained within the system.

A comprehensive, on-demand suite of New User Training videos are available to easily learn how to use the system. A Resources area includes an archived history of changes made to the model policies, newsletters and other tools to help make managing policies a little easier.

Knowledgeable and friendly support staff are available to assist with technical support, compliance questions, or general best practices and tips for using CU PolicyPro.


Track changes tools allow users to visually show new or deleted text in a policy. Editor Notes provides a printable audit trail of changes. Reports, including the CU Policies Report, give a snapshot view of policies in the system and all associated activity dates. Archiving and publishing offer a historical look at previous policy versions. 


The publishing tool allows selected policies to be compiled into one printable document that can be posted in read-only format on the site for staff, board or examiners to view.


Stay on top of regulatory changes with CU PolicyPro. Model policies are reviewed quarterly and, if necessary, updated to keep current with changing laws and regulations. Updates often include new policies as well.


Authorized staff can securely access, view, print and update policies from any Internet connection at any time. Set different levels of access for staff, from full administrative access to read-only access.


*Please note that CU PolicyPro availability and pricing may be based on league/association affiliation.

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