RecoveryPro Features

Your members look to you to protect their assets in case an unforeseen disaster occurs, so it’s critical for credit unions to have a blueprint for emergency preparedness.

RecoveryPro guides credit unions through a complete business impact analysis to identify and prioritize key business processes, the creation of a business continuity plan for use in recovering from a disaster, and an incident management plan for use in responding to a developing event. From there, credit unions have the option to add more elements, such as risk assessment and comprehensive policies.

Program & Policy

Model plan content and guidance on key information needed will help credit unions develop plan goals and objectives, prepare a team, and formulate and activate the plan. Information unique to the organization can also be added and maintained within the system. The plan management tools are robust yet easy to use, allowing easy access and maintenance of your plan.

Validation & Maintenance

It is important to make sure the BCP is effective and kept up to date. RecoveryPro has tools, such as tabletop exercises, available to introduce events/scenarios and test business impacts and recovery.

Incident Response

Documenting procedures and strategies for technology, human resources, facilities, and key business functions is critical. RecoveryPro provides a roadmap for incident response and assists with the creation of Occupant Emergency Plan procedures tailored to individual locations.

Preparation & Planning

Use RecoveryPro to identify and document your business processes, workflows, and dependencies; analyze impacts; and define recovery strategies as you build your Business Continuity Plan. Checklists help determine the considerations and resources needed and provide a template to build Systems Recovery documents which detail the technical recovery process for each internal system.

Risk Assessment

RecoveryPro provides an outline to identify the potential risks, likelihood, and impact of various scenarios, including natural disasters, human failures, and mechanical failures. The Risk Assessment section also aids in identifying mitigation measures and analyzing gaps associated with identified risks.


RecoveryPro’s publishing process allows the entire plan, or selected plan content, to be compiled into a single document for staff, board, or examiners to access before, during and after an event. Our secure, web-based platform allows authorized staff to securely access, view, print, and update plan content from any internet connection at any time. At this time usage and access is unlimited.

Credit unions will be able to easily navigate the system, which utilizes technology similar to CU PolicyPro. Comprehensive Quick Guides provide written step-by-step instruction on how to most efficiently use all of RecoveryPro’s features. The CU Solutions Group staff is available to assist with technical support, questions related to content, or general best practices and tips for developing and managing your plan.

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