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  • All Goals Solutions Products Launch on 2/23/2022! 
    Check Deposit Notice Generator (CDNG) is an online solution that allows credit unions to evaluate any check offered for deposit and generate a beneficial but effective hold, collection, warning or decline notice to provide to the member to prevent a loss on that check. Account Insurance Estimator (AIE) is an online solution that allows credit unions to estimate the maximum federal insurance (NCUSIF) coverage of funds in any member’s account(s) for the ten most popular types of coverage, and generate a customized estimate and estimate form to provide to the member. Credit unions under $100 million in assets have access to these products as a member benefit, and larger credit unions will have full access to both products for a 60-day free trial! 

    Product tours are now available for both CDNG and AIE! This is a great way to learn more about these valuable products!

  • RecoveryPro Redesign! (9/10/2021)
    The RecoveryPro content management system was completely rebuilt in September 2021 and now brings additional tools and functionality for credit unions to develop, document, and implement their BCP. Credit unions will be able to easily navigate the system, which utilizes technology similar to CU PolicyPro. Comprehensive Quick Guides provide written step-by-step instruction on how to most efficiently use all of RecoveryPro’s features. The CU Solutions Group staff is available to assist with technical support, questions related to content, or general best practices and tips for developing and managing the credit union's BCP.  RecoveryPro users can now add assignments with email reminders of upcoming (and overdue) assignments, enhanced user access allows admins to assign editing rights down to specific sections of content, and admins can now upload, organize and assign rights to credit union documents uploaded in the system.
  • League InfoSight unveils new technology for CU PolicyPro users (4/30/2021)
    Platform upgrades help credit unions manage compliance and operational challenges.



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