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Technology Changes on the Horizon for InfoSight, CU PolicyPro and RecoveryPro (9/26/2022)

League InfoSight has started the development work to combine all its products (InfoSight, CU PolicyPro and RecoveryPro) on one platform. Phase I will be to combine CU PolicyPro and RecoveryPro, allowing clients to access both products under one username and password.  Although the content of the two products is very different, the technology platform behind both products is the same, allowing for an easy integration of the two. Once Phase I is complete, Phase II, integrating the InfoSight platform content, will begin.
Once the integration is complete, users will have access to the resources of all three products in one system. For instance, users searching for content related to the Bank Secrecy Act will have access to the model policy content, their credit union’s own customized policy, the topic summary, FAQs, links to laws regulations, and additional resources in one location.
As part of this initiative, League InfoSight will rebrand their “InfoSight” product, which will eventually become the umbrella to house all three products, and in the future, any additional products, resources, and training programs offered by League InfoSight and CU Risk Intelligence and their League/Association partners.  
Phase I is expected to be completed by the end of 2022.   Additional updates will be forthcoming. 

CU Risk Intelligence names LeDu as Chief Executive Officer (9/22/2022)

CU Risk Intelligence (CURI), a leading industry provider of GRC solutions AffirmX, ComplySight, and CU Vendor Management, announced that Glory LeDu has been named as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), succeeding Dave Adams who resigned to facilitate the management alliance with League InfoSight. 
LeDu will also continue to serve as the CEO of League InfoSight, a position she has maintained since 2017, providing combined leadership over both league-owned entities. Adams will continue as Chairman of the Board for CURI. Since its formation in 2019, CURI has engaged CU Solutions Group (CUSG) to manage the company through a management contract. CUSG CEO Dave Adams has overseen a small CUSG team that has provided leadership and product management services. This management contract now transfers to League InfoSight with Glory as CEO of both companies. 
Click here to read the full Press Release  

All Goals Solutions Products Launch on 2/23/2022! 

Check Deposit Notice Generator (CDNG) is an online solution that allows credit unions to evaluate any check offered for deposit and generate a beneficial but effective hold, collection, warning or decline notice to provide to the member to prevent a loss on that check. Account Insurance Estimator (AIE) is an online solution that allows credit unions to estimate the maximum federal insurance (NCUSIF) coverage of funds in any member’s account(s) for the ten most popular types of coverage, and generate a customized estimate and estimate form to provide to the member. Credit unions under $100 million in assets have access to these products as a member benefit, and larger credit unions will have full access to both products for a 60-day free trial! 

Product tours are now available for both CDNG and AIE! This is a great way to learn more about these valuable products!



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