Company Overview

League InfoSight is part of a multi-league effort to collaboratively enable Leagues/Associations to provide the best compliance solutions for member credit unions. League InfoSight is focused on creating and strengthening informational and educational compliance offerings for member credit unions, emphasizing and leveraging a collaborative model designed to enhance membership value for Leagues/Associations. Specifically, this is accomplished by leveraging the expertise of League/Association partners and stakeholders, committing to evolving technology and delivering that to credit unions as quickly as possible and utilizing credit union system providers and partners, whenever possible.

League InfoSight was created in January 2003 by the following Credit Union League/Associations: Florida (now includes Alabama and Georgia as the League of Southeastern Credit Unions), Georgia (now part of the League of Southeastern Credit Unions), Michigan, Ohio and Texas (now includes Arkansas and Oklahoma as the Cornerstone Credit Union League). Since then, the California (and Nevada), Cooperative, Illinois, Iowa, New Jersey (now includes Pennsylvania as CrossState Credit Union Association), Mountain West, New York, Pennsylvania (now includes New Jersey as CrossState Credit Union Association), MD/DC and the Northwest Credit Union Leagues/Associations have taken ownership positions in League InfoSight. Those 14 credit union leagues/associations, provide strategic board leadership for the organization.


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