Company Overview

League InfoSight is part of a multi-league effort to create common purpose, partner alignment and collaborative risk management solutions that drive the CUNA-League system success in value creation for credit unions.

League InfoSight was created in January 2003 by the following Credit Union League/Associations: Florida (now includes Alabama as the League of Southeastern Credit Unions), Georgia, Michigan, Ohio and Texas (now includes Arkansas and Oklahoma as the Cornerstone Credit Union League). Since then, the California (and Nevada), Cooperative, Illinois, Iowa, New Jersey, Mountain West, New York, Pennsylvania, MD/DC and the Northwest Credit Union Leagues/Associations have taken ownership positions in League InfoSight. Those 15 credit union leagues/associations, along with CUNA, provide strategic board leadership for the organization.

The company was put together to facilitate the collaborative efforts of the group and as a means to encourage broader participation from other leagues/associations. League InfoSight is focused on delivering indispensable risk management solutions to credit unions through that collaboration and cooperation.

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