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All Goals Solutions

The All Goals Solutions tools are available for credit unions through the InfoSight platform.  The Account Insurance Estimator is now available to all credit unions as a member benefit!
Product tours are now available for both CDNG and AIE! This is a great way to learn more about these valuable products!

  • Account Insurance Estimator (AIE) is an online solution (provided through InfoSight) that allows your credit union to estimate the maximum federal insurance (NCUSIF) coverage of funds in any member’s account(s) for the ten most popular types of coverage, and generate a customized estimate and estimate form to provide to the member to reinforce the value of your credit union. Not only is the AIE a “service excellence” and “employee training” solution, the AIE will also allow your credit union to promote itself and all its important products and services to members and potential members instantly!

    Your ROI on the AIE. Your credit union has hundreds of thousands to millions of members’ funds on deposit with NCUSIF, and providing or linking to government resources is not helpful to your members or your credit union. The AIE will immediately help your credit union get a significant and valuable return on its NCUSIF deposit with excellent service for and the promotion and sale of all products and services to members, as well as help it attract potential members. If the AIE assists you keep one valuable member each year, its more than proved its value to your credit union (and it will help you serve and please hundreds if not thousands of members annually)!
  • Check Deposit Notice Generator (CDNG) is an online solution (provided through InfoSight) that allows your credit union to evaluate any check offered for deposit and generate a beneficial but effective hold, collection, warning or decline notice to provide to the member to prevent a loss on that check. The CDNG not only provides a comprehensive objective notice solution that consistently addresses all potential check deposit losses, but also provides your credit union’s employees with a comprehensive research and training resource that will assist your credit union in immediately demonstrating that all its actions on checks offered for deposit are extremely beneficial to both the member and the credit union alike!

    Your ROI on the CDNG. Institutions lose over a billion dollars annually just in check fraud losses (which does not include all nonpayment and erroneous check deposit losses). The CDNG will assist your credit union in addressing and preventing all potential check deposit losses as well as provide your members with excellent service! If the CDNG helps your credit union prevent one check deposit loss (or one call to a lawyer about a check problem) each year, its more than proved its value to your credit union (and it will help your credit union and employees consistently and beneficially assist hundreds of members with problematic checks annually)!

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CU Risk Intelligence

Combining the knowledge and expertise of industry leaders AffirmX and CU Solutions Group, CU Risk Intelligence's approach to governance, risk and compliance (GRC) management is to provide affordable solutions to credit unions of all sizes and sophistication.


CU Risk Intelligence’s industry-leading risk management automation provider, AffirmX, delivers mitigation resources for credit unions that reduce the costs, workloads and angst associated with regulatory compliance.

Anticipate and Pinpoint Compliance Issues Before They Become a Problem
Is your credit union finding it challenging to keep up with the complexities of regulatory compliance? You need a cost-effective solution that offers the same or greater oversight that consulting and accounting firms provide. AffirmX's patented risk management and compliance technology, the AffirmX Risk Intel Platform, is designed to help credit unions seamlessly comply with laws and regulations and addresses emerging risks at a fraction of the cost that consulting and accounting firms charge.


CU Risk Intelligence's compliance management solution, ComplySight, provides visibility, tracking, measuring and reporting of compliance activities through a single, simplified application. ComplySight transforms complex regulations into simple, straightforward summary language. As a holistic solution, it includes 16 areas of compliance and over 700 compliance factors for self-evaluation and grading to provide visibility and measurement and identify any potential areas of compliance deficiency. ComplySight matches compliance needs with compliance gaps - filling the need by integrating with both Infosight and CU PolicyPro.

ComplySight also includes a comprehensive complaint management system to track complaints that ensures responsiveness, responsibility with reporting and to identify potential trends or areas needing improvement. The system allows credit unions to assign tasks to employees and record corrective action.

CU Vendor Management (CUVM)

CUVM is all about making your life easier with a dependable and cost-effective way to manage vendor and regulatory due diligence. To put it simply, we take the burden off you, so you don’t have to worry!

Here's How We Help:

  • Streamline the vendor management process
  • Save you time and money and lower operational expenses
  • Centralize storage and retrieval of contracts and due diligence
  • Offer personalized service with dedicated analyst and support staff
  • Ensure all contracts are compliance-friendly
  • Meet NCUA requirements

Learn more about the CU Risk Intelligence Solutions!

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