Business Continuity Planning Education Series

League InfoSight held a three-session Business Continuity Planning (BCP) education series in March! Watch the recordings to learn more about the BCP process and how RecoveryPro can assist with the development, distribution, and maintenance of your plan.  

View BCP 101 - Recorded March 6, 2024
This session introduces the fundamental concepts and key components of business continuity planning.
Passcode: LZ8!$4u9

View Building Your BCP - Recorded March 13, 2024
This session guides participants through a step-by-step process to develop a Business Continuity Plan using RecoveryPro's pre-designed BCP framework.
Passcode: 4ufr^L5#

View Testing and Maintenance of your BCP - Recorded March 20, 2024 
This session helps participants gain a comprehensive understanding of the testing methodologies, techniques, and best practices required to ensure the BCP's effectiveness and readiness.
Passcode: W$09.?Ai

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