League InfoSight Board of Directors

Diana Dykstra Todd Mason, Chair
President and CEO
Maine Credit Union League
Tom Kane Tom Kane, Vice-Chair
President and CEO
Illinois Credit Union League
and Affiliates
Mike Mercer Mike Mercer, Secretary/Treasurer
President and CEO
Georgia Credit Union League
and Affiliates
Director David Adams David Adams, Director
President and CEO
Michigan Credit Union League
and Affiliates
John Bratsakis

John Bratsakis, Director
President & CEO
MD | DC Credit Union Association

Diana Dykstra Diana Dykstra, Director
President and CEO
California and Nevada
Credit Union Leagues
and Affiliates
Scott Earl Scott Earl, Director
President and CEO
Mountain West Credit Union
Association and Affiliates
David Frankil

David Frankil, Director
President and CEO
New Jersey Credit Union League
and Affiliates

Bill Mellin Bill Mellin, Director
President and CEO
Credit Union Association
of New York and Affiliates
Paul Mercer, Paul Mercer, Director
President and CEO
Ohio Credit Union League
and Affiliates
Jim Niederhauser Jim Niederhauser, Director
Vice President
Iowa Credit Union League
Jared Ross Jared Ross, Director
SVP, Association Services
League of Southeastern
Credit Unions and Affiliates
Todd Spiczenski

Todd Spiczenski, Director
Chief Products & Services Officer
Credit Union National Association

Troy Stang Troy Stang, Director
President and CEO
Northwest Credit Union Association
Caroline Willard Caroline Willard, Director
President and CEO
Cornerstone Credit Union League
and Affiliates
 Kim Zelna, Director Kim Zelna, Director
AVP, Compliance and Audit Service
Pennsylvania Credit Union Association
Paul Gentile Director
Cooperative Credit Union Association


League InfoSight Management

Glory LeDu, CEO of League InfoSight

Glory LeDu
League InfoSight

Updated: March, 2019

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