RecoveryPro Features

Your members look to you to protect their assets in case an unforeseen disaster occurs, so it’s critical for credit unions to have a blueprint for emergency preparedness. To save you time and effort as you craft your action plan, we offer RecoveryPro, a private cloud storage system, which provides an organized approach to developing your business continuity plan. From identifying potential risks to creating emergency procedures to documenting procedures for restoring key technologies and services, RecoveryPro will guide you through it all.

By law, credit unions are required to create and house a documented and tested disaster plan that conveys how to execute their procedures to ensure business continuity. Disaster plans must be specific with an individual plan of action for each building, such as designed fire escape routes. These micro plans take significant time to take shape. That, coupled with devising ways to implement data recovery and ancillary essential procedures, equates to a large-scale, time-consuming project.

Let us help you navigate through the complexities of disaster preparedness. Take advantage of our comprehensive disaster action plan so your credit union stands ready for the unexpected and your members' assets are protected.


Model plan content as well as guidance on key information needed will help develop plan goals and objectives, prepare a team, and formulate and activate the plan. Information unique to the organization can also be added and maintained within the system. The plan management tools are robust yet easy to use, allowing easy access and maintenance of your plan.

Assess Risk

Outline the potential risks, likelihood, and impact of various scenarios, including natural disasters, human failures and mechanical failures.

Identify the Essentials

Document essential services/functions and measure the impact of downtime if specific areas are affected and determine requirements to recover those functions, including staffing, equipment, facilities and technology. Sample forms and other tools are available to assist to help you be sure nothing gets missed.


Document recovery procedures and strategies for technology, human resources, facilities and key business functions. Create Occupant Emergency Plan/Response procedures tailored to individual locations. Supplemental documents can be uploaded and posted on the home page for viewing by authorized staff


In additional to specific recovery procedures, compile information on insurance and funding, contact information for staff, board & volunteer members, vendors and industry resources so continuity teams can begin the restoration and recovery process immediately in the event of a disruption.


The publishing tool allows the entire plan, or selected plan content, to be compiled into a printable document that can be posted in read‐only format on the site for staff, board or examiners to review and access before, during and after an event. Our secure, web-based platform allows authorized staff to securely access, view, print and update plan content from any internet connection at any time. 


Credit unions will be able to easily navigate the system, which utilizes similar technology to CU PolicyPro product. A comprehensive user’s guide provides written step-by-step instruction on how to most efficiently use all of RecoveryPro’s features. The CU Solutions Group staff is available to assist with technical support, questions related to content or general best practices and tips for developing and managing your plan.

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