CU PolicyPro and RecoveryPro Combined Platform

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  1. Why are the products being combined?
    While all three products serve a unique purpose, the information in each complements the others and topics often overlap. The new system will allow for better integration of our products along with a single sign on, bringing compliance information, operational tools, resources, and your credit union’s own policies, procedures, and business continuity plan all in one place!  
  2. Have the CU PolicyPro or RecoveryPro URL changed? 
    The URL has changed for some clients as the combined system uses one URL to login to both sites. Click here to look up your site URL. 
  3. What if my credit union only subscribes to one product?

    All credit unions have been transitioned to the new platform regardless of whether they subscribe to one product or both CU PolicyPro and RecoveryPro. Credit unions who subscribe to one product will only have access to that particular product and its corresponding features. Credit unions can purchase a subscription to the other product, but there is no requirement to do so.
    Note: subscription availability and pricing is dependent on league/association affiliation and asset size.
  4. Do users have the same access rights as they did before the products combined?
    The user set up was reconfigured to accommodate users having the ability to access multiple systems. Each user’s access rights have been mirrored as closely as possible in the combined platform. 
  5. Are there any new levels of access for my users?

    If your credit union subscribes to both CU PolicyPro and RecoveryPro, you will have the opportunity to provide access to both systems to all users. 
  6. Are my published documents still available?

    Yes, all content from your current CU PolicyPro and RecoveryPro system has been transferred to the new platform, including all previously published documents. 
  7. Will there be additional training/webinars?

    Yes, the CU PolicyPro/RecoveryPro Support Site has been updated with new user guides and FAQs. Live and recorded webinars will be available soon! Our support team is also happy to answer any questions. 
  8. What if I don’t know my CU PolicyPro and/or RecoveryPro login? 
    Click here to look up your site URL. Users can click the “Forgotten Password” link to on the login screen to reset their password. Our support team is also available if you need assistance.
  9. Does combining the products on one platform affect pricing ?

    No. Credit unions will continue to pay the same annual subscription amount for CU PolicyPro and/or RecoveryPro. 
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