CU PolicyPro and RecoveryPro Combined Platform

CU PolicyPro and RecoveryPro have been integrated into a single, combined platform. This marks the first step of a comprehensive redesign, as we work towards bringing InfoSight, CU PolicyPro, and RecoveryPro under a single sign-on for a seamless user experience.

A single login offers access to the credit union's policies, procedures, and business continuity plan. 

System Overview

The combined platform houses both CU PolicyPro and RecoveryPro. While the content of the products is different, the technical features and functionality are universal across the system. Credit unions can subscribe to one or both products*.  

  • Content can be customized to fit the credit union’s unique operations. 
  • Auditing tools make it easy to manage and document changes, track activity dates, and view and restore previous versions (if needed). 
  • Assignments notify and remind users of upcoming content and document reviews.
  • Customizable user access levels ensure access is tailored to each user's roles and responsibilities.
  • Model content is reviewed regularly to keep current with laws and regulations.
  • Publishing options content to be aggregated into one printable document, with access based on user rights.
  • Supplemental resources can be uploaded for access by authorized staff. 

About CU PolicyPro

  • More than 230 credit union-specific model policies and procedures organized into 11 chapters. 
  • Written by industry experts to provide reference and direction for departments.
  • Additional information provides context, links to applicable laws/regulations/resources, and a history of content updates.
  • Sample forms and documents supplement the policy content   

About RecoveryPro

  • Section-by-section assistance to customize and build your business continuity plan. 
  • Tools to understanding the entire business continuity planning process. 
  • Incident management guidance, business impact analysis, risk assessments, checklists, and business process summaries.  
  • Prioritize critical functions and manage developing incidents
  • Includes ACTIONABLE content (quick access to begin the process of restoring services) and PROGRAM content (deeper program, policy, and process information required by auditors). 


*CU PolicyPro and RecoveryPro availability and pricing are based on the credit union’s asset size and affiliation status. 

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